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My birthday concert/webcast, and sneak peek of new song! 

Well, folks, we're 25% of the way there. My new album, "Brave New Year", is funded a quarter of the way. That's a big milestone, and I'm so grateful for everyone's generosity. I've been getting lots of questions along the way, and a little further down the page, I'm going to answer a bunch of them. But first I've got to tell you some big news!

Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday is coming up, and I'm so excited that this year I get to celebrate with a show! I'm going to be playing at my favorite place, St.Read more

A Brave New Year 

That's what it's going to be -- a brave new year. And that's the title of my brand new project -- "Brave New Year." I'm beside myself with excitement.

You've all been asking for recordings of some of my songs (like "This Time Tomorrow" and "The Harvest" and even "Girlfriend Patrol") for a good long while. And it's finally going to happen. 

It was 2003 when I put out my last album "The Wait-a-While Estates." That's unacceptable! I've had the music for a while... but the problem has been finding the money for…Read more