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Promoting A Message of Body Positivity in My Music Studio  

“Look!” said my 4-year- old piano student. “I set up the bench for us!” And he had. He'd set the bench  exactly like I do when we're going to share it. I set it sort of cockeyed to the piano so that he can sit up close where he needs to and I can sit farther away. He said, “I did it this way because you are fat and need to be farther away, and I am thin, and I need to be closer.” His nanny cringed in the background, her little charge having called out something that in polite society we “aren't supposed to…

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When I Raise My Rates, I Measure In Lattes 

When I started teaching piano, it was 1993, and I charged $5 per half hour lesson. Why? That's what my first teacher charged. It seemed a reasonable rate. When 1997 rolled around, I decided that I deserved a raise. I raised my rate to $8 per half hour. I still remember it vividly. My stomach was in knots over this. I was sure that all of my students would quit! I was sure that their parents would be mad at me! I questioned whether or not I deserved that raise or whether it was too much! People around me…Read more

Networking like an introvert 

I've been an introvert for as long as I can remember. People drain me... which is not to say that I hate people. I don't! I just find that after time spent in a group, particularly a group where I don't know everyone well, that I need alone time to recharge. And so the idea of "networking," quite honestly, scares the crap out of me.

When I think of "networking," the image that immediately comes to mind is a bunch of professionals in work-social situation (a cocktail hour, say), striking up conversations…Read more

On Being a Fearless Musician 

Someday I'd like to be a fearless musician.

I had that thought again recently watching a video singer-songwriter and friend Carey Farrell posted to her YouTube stream:

The coolest thing about this video (beyond the fact that it's just a great song) is that it was made by a bunch of people who were never in the same room together. They recorded their parts, sent them to each other, recorded more parts, combined the sounds, and made a video. And then boom, they posted it. And they did all of this…Read more