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GirlSongs Summer Songwriting Camp 2016 is Coming! 

I'm so excited to announce this year's dates for my GirlSongs summer songwriting camp. This camp is a girls-only experience where we learn about the process of songwriting -- what makes a good song, how songs are structured, where to get inspiration, how we can write lyrics that make an impact, how we can write about things that are important to us, and how we can tell all kinds of stories through our songwriting. We do group and individual songwriting and at the end of the week, we make a recording of our…Read more

Networking like an introvert 

I've been an introvert for as long as I can remember. People drain me... which is not to say that I hate people. I don't! I just find that after time spent in a group, particularly a group where I don't know everyone well, that I need alone time to recharge. And so the idea of "networking," quite honestly, scares the crap out of me.

When I think of "networking," the image that immediately comes to mind is a bunch of professionals in work-social situation (a cocktail hour, say), striking up conversations…Read more

The A Team: Lyrics & How Much Do We Hear? 

My primary job is teaching private music lessons. I have mostly piano students, a few guitar, and a couple of beginner vocalists. I also do group classes here and there. I come in contact with a lot of kids. This time of year is just insanity, but I'm finally breathing a sigh of relief. Even though the school year doesn't end for the Arlington School District for another couple of weeks, my studio has officially started its summer schedule. The kids take six lessons over the summer, and that's it. Everyone…Read more