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Promoting A Message of Body Positivity in My Music Studio  

“Look!” said my 4-year- old piano student. “I set up the bench for us!” And he had. He'd set the bench  exactly like I do when we're going to share it. I set it sort of cockeyed to the piano so that he can sit up close where he needs to and I can sit farther away. He said, “I did it this way because you are fat and need to be farther away, and I am thin, and I need to be closer.” His nanny cringed in the background, her little charge having called out something that in polite society we “aren't supposed to…

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GirlSongs Summer Songwriting Camp 2016 is Coming! 

I'm so excited to announce this year's dates for my GirlSongs summer songwriting camp. This camp is a girls-only experience where we learn about the process of songwriting -- what makes a good song, how songs are structured, where to get inspiration, how we can write lyrics that make an impact, how we can write about things that are important to us, and how we can tell all kinds of stories through our songwriting. We do group and individual songwriting and at the end of the week, we make a recording of our…Read more