My birthday concert/webcast, and sneak peek of new song!

Well, folks, we're 25% of the way there. My new album, "Brave New Year", is funded a quarter of the way. That's a big milestone, and I'm so grateful for everyone's generosity. I've been getting lots of questions along the way, and a little further down the page, I'm going to answer a bunch of them. But first I've got to tell you some big news!

Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday is coming up, and I'm so excited that this year I get to celebrate with a show! I'm going to be playing at my favorite place, St. Elmo's Coffee Pub (2300 Mount Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA), on November 12 from 8-10pm. I hope that I see a bunch of you there. It's really going to be a fun night. 

But even if you can't come, you can still be there! I'm going to be webcasting live from St. Elmo's from 8:30-9:30, and you can tune in for free! I'm really excited about this! There are a lot of friends and family who have heard my music but due to distance have never seen me perform. This is your chance! You'll even be able to request songs (and send tips that go directly to my Kickstarter if so inclined) from home! You'll need to sign up for a free account, and then you can watch for free -- click here

Kickstarter Questions I'm Being Asked

So hopefully by now you know that I'm doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund my "Brave New Year" album. The campaign video and link to contribute is here:

Here's what people are asking:

Why Kickstarter? What is Kickstarter anyway?

Kickstarter is a site for crowdfunding, which, if you ask the internet, is a fairly new concept. But if you think about it, is a very old concept. For my album I'm asking for $10,000. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't really know that many people, or anyone, really, whom I could approach and say, "Hey, friend! Would you mind giving me $10K for my album?" But I have a lot of people in my life whom I could approach and say, "Hey, friend! I know you can't give me $10K, but maybe you could give me $25? You'll get a copy of the album (which I know you were planning on buying anyway), AND you'll be helping out your favorite indie musician (i.e. me)." And if all those people are able to give $25 (or more or less), then I'll make it to that $10,000 in no time. And all those contributors are suddenly involved in and invested in my project, making us all feel good. Kickstarter facilitates all of that.

So how is this different from just taking pre-orders? Why bother with a site like Kickstarter?

Using a site like Kickstarter gives me wider exposure than just an email to my mailing list does. Also, it gives me a certain amount of credibility that I might not have if a fan tells his/her friends to contribute and help an artist they might not know. Kickstarter also takes care of all the accounting and addresses and donation levels and payment collection and other details, allowing me to focus on the music.

So how's the album coming along?

Well right now, it's not coming along at all. The big caveat with Kickstarter is that if you don't meet your funding goal (my $10,000) in pledges, then you do not receive any money. People's credit cards are not charged until the project is fully funded. So I can't move too far forward with the album until I know I've got the money coming. 

Here's what I have done: I've written all the songs (mostly... a few need editing), I've got lists of potential producers and recording studios, and I'm in the process of writing out the lead sheets that a producer and instrumentalists will need. I've got rough recordings of songs, too, ready to present to producers. But I'm hesitant to do too much more until I'm guaranteed the funding.

What? The money is an all-or-nothing thing? Why?

At first it sounds like a crazy, unfair policy, but it actually makes sense. They want to guarantee that if you're going to do your project that you do it right. They don't want you to fall so short of your goal that you cannot do your project at all. They want you, as an artist, to really realize the project in the way you envisioned it. And so you must get your project entirely funded before you're truly guaranteed any money.

Can you still meet your goal?

YES! I've got 16 days left, and I need approximately $7500. So if 300 people pledge $25, then the goal is met. And I've got 400+ Facebook friends, a slew of Twitter and Instagram followers, and about 400 people on my artist mailing list! I've also got my birthday concert coming up, and tips and donations from the concert will go straight to Kickstarter (even donations you make via the webcast interface). 

How can I help?
  1. Pledge. Click through on the video above or follow this link.
  2. Encourage your friends to pledge, too. Repost the Kickstarter project on your Facebook page or send the link in an email. And tell people why you think they should donate. Tell them what you like about my music, and tell them how their donation will really and truly help me.
  3. Come to my birthday show or tune in to the live webcast. The more positive energy we put out into the universe around this, the more that will come flowing back. I really believe that. So much of this Brave New Year is due to the Law of Attraction working in the universe!
See you on November 12!

And as a gift to you for being there for me and helping out, here is a sneak peek of my newest song. Have a listen to the rough recording of the newly written title track, "Brave New Year" --

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