"A number of people I know have been talking to me recently about the idea of 'speaking your truth,' and the more I think about it, the more I've realized that that's what I want to do with my music. It's what I've always wanted. I want to speak my truth... and yours... and the woman who lives down the hall's. I want to tell our stories -- all of our stories."

And Libby has accumulated lots of stories. Born in Iowa, raised in Wisconsin, and currently living in Northern Virginia, Libby's spent time living in Chicago, London and Williamsburg, Virginia and has traveled and met people from all over. While she actualized her dream of performing as a singer-songwriter about ten years ago, Libby had been performing for many years earlier.

Libby plays and teaches classical piano, has performed with several jazz bands, has sung in choirs and on stage, and has been writing songs since she was a child. She picked up the guitar in high school and her copy of Joni Mitchell's "Blue" in college, and the rest was history. Libby loves many genres of music but feels at home with folk music, stating that, "I need the lyrics to mean something. I need what I'm listening to to reach out and touch me, and I can only hope that the music I'm writing will do the same for someone else."

Libby has performed in numerous coffee houses and restaurants from Williamsburg to Richmond and all over the DC area. She's performed at the National Cherry Blossom Festival and has opened for Christine Kane and Emma's Revolution. Her full length album, "The Wait-a-While Estates," came out in 2003, and her EP, "Erasing Yesterday," came out in 2001. She's got most of the music written for another full length album and after a long wait, is in the planning stages for this new project. She splits her time between performing, teaching, and a job as a computer programmer.